RulesNot a replacement for reading The Rules (Press F1 ingame)

The Pubkill Rule

We like to keep things moving. If a certain amount of time passes and the remaining traitors have not made a move, community members may invoke The Pubkill Rule. When in effect, non-regular players on the server will be systematically slaughtered in order to progress the round. This is not considered RDM.


RDM is when an innocent begins randomly killing other innocents without reason, deathmatch-style. If you have reason to believe someone is the traitor, you are allowed to kill them. This is not RDM. If wrong, be prepared to face the consequences from your fellow terrorists. If you make up bullshit reasons or revenge kill, we will still ban the shit out of you.

Rooftop Safety

If you purposely stand in a precarious position such as a building ledge or cliff, anyone is allowed to attempt to push you off. This is not RDM, but may be considered traitorous.

Downloading YOUR MOMMY!

You are going to be playing on A Map.